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Welcome to Iambangaboymusic


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Meet Your New Producer!

Here you will find some of the hottest and unique beats on the web.
From Trap,Hip hop,R&B,Pop and much more!
Bangaboymusic is dedicated to help independent and starving artists.
With prices that won’t break the bank.
So if you’re looking for free,leasing and/or exclusive
Just remember your next banga is here!!!

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Note: The Store will automatically add the discounts once you have selected the set number of beats that’s needed to get the discount.

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How To Order


How To Order

1. Select beats.
Select the checkboxes in the player for the beats you want to buy. Then click the big ``Add to Cart`` button at the bottom right of the player.

2. Buy beats.
Use any of PayPal's options (credit/debit card, eCheck, or PayPal Direct Transfer) to make your payment. *You do not need a PayPal account to purchase your beats.

3. Download beats.
Follow the link on your order confirmation page to instantly access and download your audio files & license agreement.

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PDF Agreements

Free Beat Agreement

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Basic Lease Agreement

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Premium Agreement

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Exclusive Agreement

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